Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tapas and Shish Kabob

We had a few friends over for a little bbq and drinks. For some reason when I plan a dinner party of any sort my creative juices start flowing and from what was a simple throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill becomes a shish kabob, mint feta orzo salad, 2 homemade salsas, chorizo, boudin blanc, wagyu hot dogs, sweet Italian sausages, tapas frenzy…….

I can’t seem to help myself but in the end it was loads of fun and I hope tasty for the guests. First lets begin with the tapas. I had originally thought about doing some kind of gourmet devilled eggs…you know topped with a bit of tobiko (flying fish row), or Spanish tuna in oil with capers…..that kind of thing. The above flavors still came into play but I decided to cut the perfectly cooked boiled eggs (9 minutes with a bit of vinegar in the water and a hole punched in the big end of the egg with a push pin and slowly dropped into the barely boiling water) across the egg latitudinally and lay them in the egg cup with various toppings. Possibly a picture of my mis en place will give you an idea of where I ended up on the devilled eggs idea.

Upper lelft you have crispy shallots going clockwise you have seaweed strips, smoked trout, anchovies in chili oil, spanish tuna in olive oil, boquerones, piquillo peppers and out of the picture is a bowl filled with sliced scallion, radishes, parley leaves and capers and a small tub of tobiko.

No real recipe here just put on it what you is one of my creations.

Now onto the meat part of the evening, as I said we did have quite the selection of sausages that included the following:

Boudin Blanc (nice pork sausage with a hint of brandy and I think allspice), Chorizo, wagyu beef hotdogs (amazing!!) and some good ole' sweet italian.

Luckily enough we have a nice baker nearby that does these amazing fresh hot dog and hamburger buns.......put a few kinds of mustartd, some catsup, mayo and a soome HP sauce and you are go to go once the sausages come soff the grill.

Okay now for the shish kabob......5 pounds shank end of leg of lamb bone removed by you or butcher but make sure to keep it for a future stock. Cut lamb into approx 1 inch cubes trimmed of silver skin and some of the fat. Make the marinade by pulsing together the following in a food processor:
1 bunch mint
5 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons rosemary
Handful of parsley
1/2 cup olive oil
salt and pepper
Process into paste and toss with meat. Marinate overnight (huge difference in flavor if you leave for 24 hours). Make kabobs on metal skewers with the following pattern - red onion, meat, peppers - repeat....will look something like this:

Grill a total of 8 to 10 minutes turning every couple until all 4 sides have felt the heat. Should give you a medium rare kind of thing going on.
Will save the recipe for delicious orzo, mint feta salad for a future post.


Anonymous said...

where did you pick up all those varieties of sausages?

Jeanne in Chico said...

Hi Steve,
Tapas must be the new in thing. I'm having a tapas party for my birthday this month. I'm making a variety of empanadas and the sangria. My guests are bringing tapas of their choice. We may even try the famenco....Jeanne in Chico

barbara said...

That is a great photo with the wine glasses